Questions to Ask Your Potential Realtor


You're ready to buy or sell a home, but where to you begin?  How do you find the best Real Estate Agent for you?  We thought we would help, with a bit of an interview process you can use to meet and question a few choice Real Estate Agents.

1. What is your experience and education?


2.  What is your approach to the buying or selling process?


3.  What services will be included?

4.  Which neighbourhoods do you primarily work in?

5.  Can you provide a comparative market assessment (CMA)?

6.  Do you work on your own or as part of a team?

7.  How many other clients are you working with at this time?

8.  How will you keep me informed?

9.  What are the commissions or fees that I will need to pay?

10.  Do you have references?

11. What are the Top Three Things That Separate You from Your Competition?

A good agent wouldn't hesitate to answer this question and will be ready to fire off why they are best suited. Everyone has their preference, but most clients looking for a Realtor® say they are looking for:

- Honest & Trustworthy

- Assertive

- Excellent Negotiators

- Available by phone or e-mail

- Good Communicators

- Friendly

- Analytical

- Able to maintain a good sense of humour under trying circumstances

11.  Do you have any personal marketing materials I can review?

Your Realtor® should offer solid examples of how they are marketing your home.  Whether it be feature sheets set out for your showings & open houses. Your Realtor® should also have a website and Facebook page to promote your listing. They should also have a plan for listing date to MLS®.

12.  Are you a full-time or part-time Real Estate Professional? How long have you been working in my neighbourhood?

Ideally your Realtor® should be working full-time with at least a few years experience in the neighbourhood you are in. A part-time Realtor® may not have the time or the knowledge to keep up with today's market's pace.

16. How did you arrive at the listing price

Choosing the right price is very important. If the price is too high, your home could be sitting on the market with no interest.  If the price is too low, it may sell to quickly and not bring you the best offer. Your Realtor® should be able to show you where they came up with the price with comparisons to other properties and market stats.

17.  What if I need other resources?

While you are not obligated to choose the professionals suggested by your Realtor®, your Realtor® should have a recommended network of professionals to assist you throughout your home buying or selling experience.  Including options for mortgage brokers/bankers, home inspectors, painters, etc. 

18.  Can you give me some references?

Your Realtor® should be happy to share Testimonials from their past clients with you.