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We specialize in training real estate support staff and teams on the full client experience, so that you, as the agent, can do what you do best – sell! Our Client Lifecycle System was designed to ensure that each and every client receives consistent, top-notch service, through our 200+ touch-point system. We are confident that it will transform your business, just like it has ours.


What is Client Experience Coaching?

We offer direct training for support staff and teams. We work one on one with your staff through virtual meetings to develop a unique system for your clients. It’s about taking everything off the agent’s plate that isn’t sales, and delegating to the rest of the team. 

The system we designed ensures each client receives consistent, top-notch service.It’s built using a task management software and throughout the training we provide our entire system, so that you can use it as a starting point to customize it for your team (with our help of course!) Our system was designed to ensure that each and every client receives consistent, top-notch service, through our 200+ touch-point system from the time someone becomes your client to the time you get paid. Our system consists of a combination of templates, emails, messages, pop-by’s and deliverables – all of this provided to you.

How long will it take us to go through the Seller lifecycle program?

Generally, teams are moving through the program in 4 to 6 months for the Seller Lifecycle System. We recommend bi-weekly (every two week) calls. We encourage teams to implement as we move through the system, so that we can address any challenges along the way.

How many Modules are there?

There are 12 Modules in the Seller lifecycle program, plus one recap session. Depending on how quickly your team can work through and implement the system, we can sometimes do 2 modules in one session.

There are 4 modules in the Buyer lifecycle program. 

Aside from the 45-minute coaching calls, will we get anything else?

Yes, you will be given your own task-management board (with lists continually added as we move through the system on our calls), along with all of our pre-written templates and deliverables.

PDF handouts for each Module with more context and background information will be provided prior to each call. 

What is an example of a template you might use?

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time the same thing happens – we have a template for that!

For example, what do you do when the first showing is booked on your newest listing? Here is what we send: 

Looks like your first showing request just came in! Let us know if the system is working on your end and that you’re receiving the notifications.

What about when you confirm photos for your listings? Answer your clients’ questions before they ask!


We are getting close!

Now that we have your staging consult and cleaning booked, I’ve gone ahead and booked the professional photos and virtual walkthrough for DATE and TIME.

The photographer takes about two hours to complete everything, including the digital floor plans. They prefer that the house be vacant during their visit, but if you need to be home, please stay on a different floor from them or even in the backyard, if the weather is nice.

We are still on track with our target list date of DATE.

What do you cover on an exploratory call, and who should be on the call?

During an exploratory call, we will show you our whole system and what we are offering via a virtual meeting. This call is free-of-charge. 

We suggest that you as the agent, as well as your support team, all participate in the exploration call. It is important that we all share a common vision/goal to make sure that we are a good fit for each other, and to ensure that we will be able to help as the number of coaching spots is very limited.

What program is your client experience built on?

Our system is built in Trello, but the content and steps we provide can be used in other platforms. For example: (However, we will only be able to troubleshoot and assist with the Trello program)

Do you have a Buyers program?

We sure do! Because all the basics are covered under the Seller lifecycle, the buyer training is only 4 modules and moves quickly. 

Can agents without a team do the training and/or implement the system?

Yes, we know that not every agent has a team, and we can customize the program depending on your business structure. 

How much does it cost?

The SELLER program is $3,900 + HST. 

You will receive:
– Your own Trello board template
– 60+ Pre-written template emails and messages
– 14 template PDF’s to brand and make your own
– 12 Module Guides including context and background information for each step.


Client Experience Coaches

As the team’s licensed Client Care Concierge, Julia specializes in curating a custom experience for every one of her clients. With the help of our system, she is able to anticipate the needs of her clients before they even arise. Learning new things, problem solving, and foreseeing challenges is Julia’s specialty. Helping people in real estate has grown to be her greatest passion and she treats every client in a way that makes them feel special.

As the team’s Business Manager, Valerie takes charge of marketing, paperwork, and day-to-day operations. Working in the real estate industry for over 10 years, she is our behind-the-scenes task master…making sure that everything is running smoothly, so that the front line can do what they do best. Without missing a step – thanks in part to our system – she ensures that all details and pertinent information never falls through the cracks. 

Together they are the “Dream Team”, offering a very unique team structure – one that ensures each client receives consistent, top-notch service. It was this, our drive to create efficiency and to wow our clients at the same time, that led to the creation of the Client Lifecycle System, consisting of over 200 steps.


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