Yes, People Will Open Your Closets

Everyone knows the basic principles of listing a house: make sure it’s clean, don’t leave unnecessary clutter around, leave the home during viewings, and take out the trash.

But that doesn’t mean you can take that pile of laundry (whether it’s clean or dirty) and hide it in the bedroom closet. Whether you like it or not, buyers will open your closets - storage space is an important factor in the home-buying decision.

Before you head out, keep these tips in mind to ensure a successful showing and get you out of your current home and into your dream home faster.

Make Sure Your Home Smells Nice During Showings

This might sound like it goes without saying, but scent is strongly tied to memory and making your home smell nice goes beyond making sure the trash doesn’t have yesterday’s leftovers in it. Simple things like baking some muffins in the morning or brewing a pot of coffee before leaving can cause the scent to linger in the air, potentially reminding buyers of specific memories and helping them subconsciously build an emotional connection to your home.

But yes - also make sure the trash cans have been cleaned.

Less is More

Conveniently, minimalism and clean lines are on trend right now.

Before showing your house, remove any clutter or large objects to allow potential buyers to see the architecture of the home and imagine their own furniture in it - it’s the foundation and walls they’re buying, afterall, not your oversized ottoman.

Pack away any large collections of knick-knacks, move large storage units to the garage, and store kids’ toys away.

Bump Up That Curb Appeal

You only get one chance at a first impression - and the same goes for your home. Many house-hunters will do drive-bys before making an appointment to actually see the home, and you want to make sure you give them a reason to call their agent to see yours, stat.

Making sure your lawn is mowed and green (lay sod or seed if needed), power-washing the driveway and walkway, planting flowers and greenery, and washing the front windows are all easy-fixes that go a long way in giving your curb appeal a boost.

Taking a couple extra steps to get your home buyer-ready can help sell it faster. Questions about staging or to show off the best side of your home? Give us a call, we’re always happy to help.