Spring Forward: Five Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Home Value

Despite what you see when you look out of the window (the snow WILL melt eventually, I promise!), spring is just around the corner. Although the Ottawa housing market doesn’t actually have a down period, the spring months are traditionally the busiest. To make the most of it - and to take your mind off that snow - here are five tips and tricks to maximize your home value this spring.

Tip One to Maximize Your Home Value: Fix the little things

The longer you’ve lived in your home, the bigger the chances are that small things have popped up in various rooms that should be fixed. You might see them as inconsequential, but to a potential buyer all of those little things could add up to a big to-do list. Take a walk through your home and patch up the little scrapes and bumps and make your house feel like new again!

Tip Two to Maximize Your Home Value: Remove, Replace, Repair

Remove, Replace, or Repair anything that a potential buyer might turn their nose up at. Popcorn ceilings, anyone? Outdated features can make your home seem old and uninviting, but many of these changes can be done by yourself (popcorn ceilings can be removed by soaking them in a solution found at a local hardware store and scraping the texture off). If you have items in your home with sentimental value that may not be the most visually appealing, you don’t have to get rid of them altogether. Simply move them out of the direct view of potential buyers until you’re ready to display the item again at your new home.

Tip Three to Maximize Your Home Value: Give your Lawn an Upgrade

Curb appeal is a big factor in attracting buyers. After-all, you only get one first impression! Planting trees, planting low-maintenance greenery, and maintaining your lawn all go a long way in maximizing your home value.

Tip Four to Maximize Your Home Value: Check your flooring

Next time you walk into a room, look down. What does your flooring look like? Especially with soft surfaces like carpets or rugs, if your floors look dirty, stained or worn, buyers will see nothing but a big project ahead of them. Hire a carpet cleaning company to bring life back to old floors, and replace any that are torn or worn out.

Tip Five to Maximize Your Home Value: Ask An Expert

If you’re really not sure where to start, or know that you need to paint but aren’t confident in your colour scheme, spend an hour with an interior designer. For a small consultation fee, they’ll take the time to come to you and give you personalized tips to improve the look and feel (and value) of your home and get it ready to go to market.

If you’re going to be doing any spring cleaning, you might as well add value to your home while you’re at it! Check out this blog for more tips and tricks on increasing the value of your home in time for Ottawa’s busiest season!