When the time is right…a better way forward for buyers and sellers.
I’m getting lots of questions as to whether right now is a good time to buy and sell, and in my humble opinion, now is not the best time to buy and sell. Now is the time to protect yourselves and avoid the spread of Covid-19. However, there are exceptions, those of us that need to buy and sell. My team and I have implemented a number of technologies to help keep you safe throughout a transaction.

Now is a great time to sow your seeds! We’re doing that with our business right now by working on something called Verified Listings. We’re creating a much more transparent process for buyers and sellers, whereby we complete the “homework” ahead of time, like inspections, appraisals, 3D floor plans, etc. This allows Sellers to have a better understanding of what they’re selling, and Buyers to have a better idea of what they’re buying.

If you’re interested in having a chat about our new approach and how to prepare for when the market comes back, reach out! Use the “Let’s Chat” button below to schedule a time to speak with our Team Lead, Sean McCann.