How does a $25,000 interest-free renovation loan sound to help maximize your market value and get your home show ready?

With our Verified Listing approach, we get all the homework done and all the prep work done before we go to market. This approach helps to ease the process of being on the market, and increases the probability of your home selling for your goal price.

Part of that preparation work is often renovation work, and of course, one of the obstacles to renovations is having the money for it. The idea behind the renovation loan is simply that we’ll offer up to a $25,000 interest-free loan for your renovations, and it is paid back upon completion. We simply request to have final approval so that we do two things; One, make sure you’re paying market value for what you’re doing, and; Two, that we’re doing things that are going to truly add value to the sale of your home. That’s it, it’s that simple.