As the end of the year approaches and we get ready to tackle a new year, we begin to think about the most useful tips to pass along to our clients to carry into 2020. With a New Year, brings new goals, ambitions and resolutions, and sometimes a change in our living situation is on the horizon! Of course when it comes to selling a house, there is a lot that goes into it! So we thought we’d list a few important things you can do to prepare your house for the market before you even give us a call!


Decluttering can be a painful process, but it sure does feel good afterwards! It is a great way to get rid of everything you do not need anymore and minimizes the amount of unnecessary stuff to pack and bring to the new house. The less stuff you have for showings and for moving, is a double bonus in our eyes, and can reduce the amount spent on staging.


You may not necessarily need to hire a cleaning service, however, it certainly can help. Bringing in outside professionals will always benefit you in the long run. Even though you may tackle a weekly cleaning, a cleaning service can go the extra mile with tasks like wiping out cupboards or cleaning behind the fridge.  It may be handy to have a reliable crew on standby as you start to have more and more home showings. They can come by weekly for regular maintenance to make sure your home is spotless for every viewing.


Do you have carpets in your home? If yes, you should definitely have your carpets cleaned properly. You can rent a carpet cleaner from a local home depot, but if you hire a company to do this for you, your carpets will come out looking brand new. You may even save yourself some cash! Instead of replacing the carpet or laying down hardwood, with a really good clean, your carpets probably won’t need replacing!


If you haven’t painted in a while, do your research and find out what’s “in” for colours. You can never go wrong with more neutral tones for showings or the classic white. We have some great suggestions for classic neutral paint colours. If your home has been recently painted, make sure to check the walls in case you need any touch-ups. With lighter colours on the walls, make sure to give them a good cleaning as well. Dirt streaks tend to be more visible on lighter painted walls.


Now this can be the fun part! With your house decluttered, cleaned and touched up, you can have everything displayed how you’ve always wanted. Remember, you are selling a space! You want people to be able to visualize themselves living in your home. If you have a lot of family photos or personal items displayed, you should take those down or tuck them away. You want your potential buyers to picture themselves and their families in your home, not picture you and your family. You want your space to be inviting for every viewing.

With this list completed, you are definitely ready to give us a call! These are simple tasks you and your family can complete, but they are also time-consuming. After the holiday decorations are put away again, it is the perfect time to start to declutter and organize!