Barking Our Praises . . .

"As a first time buyer, I honestly cannot be more pleased with the experience working with Trevor and Sean. Trevor was incredibly knowledgeable and personable, helping us find exactly what we were looking for in a house, while helping us avoid pitfalls we never would have noticed without him. Trevor helped us find the perfect house, a house that we cannot possibly be more happy to now be living in. But possibly more importantly, he made the entire experience fun. He was always ready with a joke, a laugh, or a funny story, which definitely helped our excitement going out and looking at each house that interested us. Again, I cannot more highly recommend The Guy(s) With The Dog. Especially since... have you SEEN the dogs? So cute. So fluffy. If you need a house, go with TGWTD!"

- Cassie & David

"Sean was referred to me by his old clients. He has agreed to sell our condo and help us buy our new property. Thanks to Sean, we could sell our condo successfully and he has introduced us to his team member Trevor. Trevor and Sean together helped us buy a semi - detach house that is perfect for our growing family. Both our sale and purchase have gone smoothly thanks to Sean and Trevor. We are planning to live in our new property for a very long time, but if I ever need to sell/buy again, I will be a returning client. I can freely recommend the duo and their services!"

- Esin A.